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Plenary Keynote

04 May, 2009 - 1 min read

The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo ‘09 took place last week in Boston. Highlights included my role model and colleague Chris Dagdigian giving the plenary keynote. Slides can be found at The keynote was extremely well received by the audience and his talking points resonated throughout the conference.


James Hamilton from Amazon wrote up a nice summary as well.

There was a great panel on Cloud computing featuring Chris Dag along with representatives from CycleComputing, Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Eli Lilly. I didn’t take notes but topics ranged from how to manage software licensing to cloud portability to security and data motion concerns. It was a very focused discussion that definitely shed light upon some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Another highlight was meeting and talking to vendors like Isilion, CycleComputing, Aspera, Geneologics, OpenEye, Omixon, Ocarina, and NextBio.

I had an excellent time and met a lot of new faces – some of whom I’ve worked with (virtually) for almost a year. In the end the biggest highlight for me was realizing that I am privileged to work with some truly awesome people on one of the coolest companies on this planet.

BioTeam Group Photo