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Dynameomics: Mass Annotation of Protein Dynamics

23 April, 2008 - 1 min read

Just in case you need another -omics in your biotech vocabulary. Dynameomics is an effort by the Dagget group at the University of Washington to

characterize the native-state dynamics and folding/unfolding pathways of representatives of all known protein folds by way of molecular dynamics simulations

Three successive articles have been published in Protein Engineering Design & Selection to describe over 3000 long molecular dynamics simulations, the computational workflow, and data mining capabilities of Dynameomics. Dynameomics has applets for visual analysis and even high-quality movies of their MD trajectories!


Dynameomics: mass annotation of protein dynamics and unfolding in water by high-throughput atomistic molecular dynamics simulations Dynameomics: a multi-dimensional analysis-optimized database for dynamic protein data Dynameomics: design of a computational lab workflow and scientific data repository for protein simulations Video: 4PGA unfolding movie