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Around the Web 3/7/08

07 March, 2008 - 1 min read

Around the web, week of March 7, 2008

Bio::Blogs #19, the engineering edition! BuzzClouds in science, a very cool vizualization of scientific buzzwords and trending. (service) Backward compatibility ≠ Forward Scalability, Intel places some caveats on the free-lunch, legacy software won’t take advantage of future architectures unless they’re redesigned. This shouldn’t be a surprise but it hasn’t always been the case. The trend of adding more cores and changing memory architectures means that some applications may get left in the dust unless they’re optimized for these new paradigms. DSL specification and behavior, a great example of building a DSL in Groovy for bioinformatics. BioRuby on Rails, some good examples of how to fetch EBI records on the web using ActiveRecord for persistance. Ruby-Processing, a bridge to use the Processing API in the Ruby language.