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O’Reilly Book: Programming Collective Intelligence

20 September, 2007 - 2 min read

I love me some O’Reilly books. After recently reading Beautiful Code (I should write a review soon). I am eagerly awaiting a new book I just bought from Amazon called Programming Collective Intelligence.

It was written by Toby Segaran, a developer at Genstruct

“This fascinating book demonstrates how you can build web applications to mine the enormous amount of data created by people on the Internet. With the sophisticated algorithms in this book, you can write smart programs to access interesting datasets from other web sites, collect data from users of your own applications, and analyze and understand the data once you’ve found it.”

Some of the most successful spots on the web are winning on this exact principle. Google, Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Flikr, Twitter, YouTube, and the list goes on and on. As much as I hate the almost cliched phrase Web 2.0, there is clearly a difference in how successful web applications are designed today as opposed to 5 years ago. We need more community based efforts in biology. Educational efforts like Bioscreencast. Or competitions like CASP which I have participated in. The tools are in place. Given the grand challenges to our health and understanding of life, we can no longer afford to work alone.