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Papers and Hubmed

23 March, 2007 - 1 min read

An arstechnica review got me to try the for OS X today. Clearly designed with the life sciences in mind, Papers definitely has an iTunes feel. It looks great graphically and has easy and intelligent meta-data management. It has cannotea, built-in pubmed interaction, and ‘Smart Groups’ making reference management a lot easier.

I haven’t figured out how to use hubmed feeds (since hubmed is apparently down as I write this).

Also, to acquire the actual pdf I use the university VPN, which may be as simple as prepending the URL but I fear the authentication is not going to be supported by Papers directly. Hmm…. it will still compliment my previous methods of organizing literature. I would rather see some of the stability issues fixed before adding any new features as I’ve had it crash a handful of times. It’s still in ‘public preview’ phase but this is an app I will continue to use whenever I’m on a Mac.