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The Impact of Cyberinfrastructure on Your World

22 March, 2007 - 1 min read

Ironically printed on a colorful paper flyer….

Describe The Impact of Cyberinfrastructure on Your World


new research environments that support advanced data acquisition, data storage, data management, data integration, data mining, data visualization and other computing and information processing services over the Internet. In scientific usage, cyberinfrastructure is a technological solution to the problem of efficiently connecting data, computers, and people with the goal of enabling derivation of novel scientific theories and knowledge.

I do not know know the details of how TeraGrid works, but this is the prompt for a TeraGrid ‘07 student competition. I think Science blogging would be an interesting topic, or things such as feed readers and social bookmarking. TeraGrid is about uniting supercomputing sites, but I think it still lacks social or collaborative aspects that would make it much more powerful.