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Google Summer of Code

16 March, 2007 - 1 min read

Google has their annual Summer of Code. Plenty of great projects and extra incentives for students to participate. Including $5,000 per accepted student developer, of which $4,500 goes to the student and $500 goes to the mentoring organization.

A surprising lack of bioinformatics projects though. I only noticed a few:

Phyloinformatics with ideas for GBrowse, AJAX, and improving BioJava.

Michigan’s CSCS is working on running batch simulations with different parameter settings on a grid architecture.

UCSF’s GenMAPP project wants a structured wiki for gene pathways.

That’s the only 3 I found at first glance. Other non-bio projects worth noting are FANN (looking to go parallel/multi-threaded) and there’s even big projects like Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Some really good things have come from SoC in the past. It looks like this year will be no exception.